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Pre-Order Issue 23 - Summer 2018 — £5

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The Land Issue 22


Gift and Sponsored Subscriptions

Why not treat a friend or colleague, or influential person to a gift subscription? Five issues for £24, starting with the current issue and a beautiful card saying it's from you, with four more to go. Just fill in the order form as usual, with yourself as billing address & recipient as postal address. If you would like a special message added to the card, put the text in the "comments" box at the end of the order form. It is very helpful to us to have all our subscribers' email addresses, so if you think they would not mind, please include it. 


Subscription - UK - £24 for 5 issues inc postage

Subscribe to The Land and get five issues (including the current one) posted direct to your UK address for the bargain price of £24. 

Please see here for international rates and other types of subscriptions including renewals, gifts, institutional rates, pre-orders and binders


Renew your subscription now!

Renew your sub now and save! Still only £23 for the next five issues, including postage. Feel free to add a donation to help us make the mag even better. The current issue is number 22, so if you have missed any, why not order them at the same time. In fact, if you're renewing and want 3 or more back issues, please email gill [at] theland etc to arrange a discount for quantity.



The Library Edition - complete set with binders.

All 21 issues plus two binders and UK postage for only £85, a big saving on individual items. For international orders, please email us for additional postage cost. 

 multiple issue binder - add your own numbers

Binder - Holds any 16 issues

This is a "cordex" hard-cover binder in black with THE LAND magazine foil-stamped in cream on the spine. Designed to hold any 16 issues strongly and attractively together for your bookshelf.

The land Issue 21

The Land Issue 21

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The Land Issue 20

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The Land Issue 19

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The Land Issue 18 Summer 2015


The Land issue 17

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The Land Issue 16 Summer 2014

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The Land Issue 15 Winter 2013-2014

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The Land Issue 14 Summer 2013

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The Land Issue 13 Winter 2012-13

Resisting the Land Gluttons

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The Land Issue 12 Summer 2012

The Land Issue 11

The Land Issue 11 Winter 2011-12

Land 10 cover

The Land Issue 10 Summer 2011 (Reprint)

The Land Magazine Issue 9

The Land Issue 9 Autumn 2010

front cover 8

The Land Issue 8 Winter 2009


The Land Issue 7 Summer 2009 (Reprint)


The Land Issue 6 Winter 2008 (Reprint)


The Land Issue 5 Summer 2008 (Reprint)


The Land Issue 4 Winter 2007 (Reprinted)