The Land Issue 8 Winter 2009

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Who Knows Who Owns Britain?
Why is it so hard to find out who owns land in the UK?
Arse About Face
The European system for regulating organic and “conventional” farming has perverse consequences.
Peasants at Copenhagen
Ed Hamer reflects on the recent climate summit.
The Myth of Resource Efficiency
Mike Hannis on a new book that examines the Jevons Paradox.
FAO Backtrack on Livestock
The FAO is withdrawing from its anti-peasant stance of three years ago
Carbon Colonialism and the Mathematics of Methane
Simon Fairlie dissects hysteria about methane and livestock.
Ghost Carbon
Can organic farming capture more carbon in the soil than chemical farming?
Reclaim the Fields
As farmers get older and fewer, a new generation of European peasants is demanding access to land.
Big Country, Small Farms
Rebecca Laughton visits some mad US farmers.
Tomatoes All Year Round
The UK imports them from Morocco, but are there alternatives?
The Plough and The Spade
Christina Ballinger asks how the drive for allotments will affect local commercial growers.
New Allotments — Where Will They Go?
Will it be in a place which is convenient for consumers and growers
Land Value Taxation — Panacea or Placebo
Alanna Hartzok tackles questions about the wisdom of taxing land.
Keeping Occupied
Keith Hallack describes his life in a squat on a condemned East London estate.
Insurrection in the Hills
Ed Hamer reports on a revolt against the demolition of a bungalow in Exmoor National Park.
Keep Our Downs Public
We must stop our councils from selling off our most treasured spaces, says Dave Bangs.
Its Only Bondage was the Circling Sky
John Felstiner on poet John Clare whose parish was enclosed when he was 16.
Two Books
Patrick Whitefield on reading the landscape and Adrian Bell on the people who work in it.
When Will the Alpaca Bubble Burst?
If planning policy doesn’t change it could go on for ever, reckons Simon Fairlie.
Meadow End
Pat Kinnersley witnesses the demise of a bungalow.
Ground Control
Anna Minton on Hans Monderman, the traffic consultant who spoke out against guard rails
Planet Development
Chapter 7’s response
Lammas Springs into Life
Five months after getting permission, several families are already installed.
How Solid Is the Inspectorate?
A reader challenges Simon Fairlie’s view that it is a rock of sanity”.
Another successful LID appeal in Pembrokeshire, and others.

Hay cart in the farmyard