The Land Issue 23

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Net Profits
Purveyors of Ugliness
Crazy Paving
Peasants’ Rights Denied • Geoengineering in the USA • Whose Wind is it Anyway? • Profiting from Disaster • An Englishman’s Second Home • Beasts From The East
May 1968 in the Countryside.
Simon Fairlie recalls French history, and finds it echoed in the present day.
Groundhog Day for the Cumbrian Ostrich.
Mike Hannis asks who will end up with Britain’s nuclear waste.
Progress Without People.
Dave King questions the left’s acceptance of automation.
Bedazzled by Energy Efficiency.
Kris de Decker makes a plea for sufficiency.
The Romans Have Left Britain.
S M Parsons observes a classic peri-urban community regeneration drama.
A Many-Hatted Man.
Pioneer of the coppicing revival Walter Lloyd, remembered by Gill Barron.
This Burning Business.
Olly Craigan asks why we burn African charcoal instead of home-grown.
Chop and Change.
Pete Ditchfield poses some questions to the Woodland Trust.
Treebogs at Trollheim.
The Church of England installs eco-loos in churchyards.
Nuts to the National Forest.
HS2 gives the lie to Government tree-planting promises, says Gill Barron.
Town Trees on Trial.
Hazel Greenwood finds trees being undervalued in Sheffield.
How Many People Own the UK?
Guy Shrubsole, Anna Powell-Smith and Robin Grey try to find out.
Colours in the Landscape.
Nick Hayes traces how empire and the slave trade shaped rural England.
Land Reform Myths Revisited.
Ian Scoones looks at the impact of land reform upon the wider rural economy.
Land Reform in Zimbabwe: a Personal Account.
Nelson Mudzingwa adds historical and personal context.
Reclaiming the Means of Construction
Tom Chance explains Community-led Housing.
The Single Plot.
Policies allowing one-off dwellings on village edges are a step in the right direction.
DIY Planning Handbook.
The indispensable guide returns in a new fully updated edition.
Cases and Policy News
Horse-logger wins in Herefordshire.
Dartmoor Capitulates.
The Hillyfield appeal result marks a rare victory in the National Park.

Hay cart in the farmyard