The Land Issue 22

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A Tale of Two Cities
‘Public Goods’ Mean Private Benefits
Running Out of Space
• A Little Light at the Land Registry • People Power in Peterborough • Granville Still Cooking • Happy Estovers • Grim Times for farmers in India • Killed by Cops for Failing Paperwork • Planned Obsolescence? • Duelling Golfers • Tummy Ache for Tesco • Sisters to Plant a Billion Trees
Root & Branch
A graphic history of the land reform movement by Nick Hayes
Reclaiming the Commons
Guy Shrubsole interviews George Monbiot.
Lessons from Scotland
England’s next steps towards land reform, from Andy Wightman.
Into the Woods
Marion Shoard has a proposal for expanding the Right to Roam.
Campaigns & Campaigners
A selection of activists describe their aims and achievements.
Land Value Capture
Tom Kenny sounds out the experts on uplift.
The Land Business
Robin Grey interviews Christopher Price of the CLA.
The Human Hive
Chris Smaje goes into the past and future of Agrarian economies.
Mining the Desert
Mike Hannis & Sian Sullivan report on unsustainable extraction in southen Africa.
Section Editor Gill Barron
Bunking off from Babylon
How addiction to screens leads to Nature Deficit Disorder.
Love Over Fear
A school in Sussex goes back to the Bronze Age.
Branches of Learning
Where do Forest Schools go from here?
Champion Campers
How 20th century youth movements got the kids off the streets.
Feel-Good Farming?
From Care Farms to prisons, landwork works wonders.
In Better Heart
Agricultural college curricula have turned a corner, writes James Bentley.
Just Horsin’ Around
The real-world benefits of EATing.
Return of The Shepherd
Simon Fairlie studies herding schools in France.
Really Wild
Wolves in the Pyrenees show the drawbacks of rewilding.
Mob Grazing
A guide to the latest fashion in grassland management.
Section Editor Simon Fairlie
Is Grass-Fed Guilt-Free?
Tara Garnett’s new report on livestock’s methane emissions.
Beyond the Pale
A cautionary tale about fences, as reported by Gill Barron.
Pig Swill Wars
Less waste food is being wasted, thanks to an upscaled campaign.
Petition of the Pigs in Parliament
Robin Grey presents a singalong with the woodland swine.
Bailiffs in Balaclavas
How Bristol Council outsources squatter evictions, by Tony Gosling.
Enforcement News
Green Belt Decision / Scottish Huts / Letter
Case Notes
including Class Q rights, Dartmoor news, and a new guide for woodland workers.

Hay cart in the farmyard