The Land Issue 18 Summer 2015

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Disproportional Misrepresentation
1215 And All That
Hack the Farm; PSPO, son of ASBO; Mugabe in Scotland; Round-up to be Wound up.
Growers on a Bus to Nowhere.
Maddy Longhurst asks why allotments should be sacrificed to buses.
Yes to Land Reform.
Scotland is prepared for change, and soon, says Craig Bayne.
Dairy Farmers Betrayed.
Simon Fairlie stands up for small milk producers.
Owning the Earth.
Mike Hannis discovers Andro Linklater’s history of how land became private property.
Food is Security.
In Russia, growing your own comes naturally, reports Tony Gosling.
Protests in Poland.
Adam Payne reports on large-scale protests by small-scale farmers.
Tickets to Farm.
How farm tenancies work, explained by George Dunn of the Tenant Farmers Association.
Another Fine Feudal Fiasco.
Gill Barron probes the seamy side of manorial rights.
Breaking Up is Hard to Do.
Angus Hanton makes the case for increasing private ownership of small woodlands.
The Dearth of Grass.
Chris Smaje untangles the connections between cereals, civilisation and colonialism.
Rewilding Humanity?
Jane Robertson tries the Paleo diet for real in the North American mountains.
Undermining Resistance.
NGOs aren’t always good guys, say campaigners Samarendra Das and Miriam Rose.
Of Pomonas and Sylvas.
Roger Creagh-Osborne celebrates local orchards and their cataloguers.
Patrick Whitefield, an Appreciation.
Caroline Aitken appraises a good life well lived.
Roger Martin discusses population with Simon Fairlie.
Reluctant Gamekeepers.
The legal alternative for squatters is cheap and nasty, finds Simon Fairlie.
Dragons’ Den.
How a computer model now decides who can live where.
Cast Adrift.
Bureaucrats have it in for the boat-dwellers on Britain’s canals, as Adam Weymouth reports.
End of the Road?
Simon Ruston details government’s gradual undermining of Gypsy and Traveller lifestyles.
A Glimpse of the Future.
Chapter 7’s DIY Planning Guide is being revamped for the NPPF era.
Who Are the Real Rogues?
Simon Fairlie on "Rogue Landlords" and "Beds in Sheds".
Appeals etc.

Hay cart in the farmyard