The Land Issue 15 Winter 2013-2014

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Facing up to Fracking
Land Reform in Sight
No Milk Today
Adios Streetlights, Starlight Hello
Year of the Family Farm - No Subsidies for Smallholders under Twelve Acres - Fracking in England and Romania - NFU Betrays Bees - Banks Bulldoze Borneo - TTIP - Tesco - Cattle on the Common - Food Waste - Oxford Farming Conferences
From Bad to Worse
Coal-fired power stations are switching to imported wood pellets. Mike Hannis questions the outcome.
Money Makes the Earth Move
Who will bail out the Spanish gas storage cock-up? ask Elena Gerebizza and Xavier Sol.
Unnatural Capital
Allocating a financial value to nature paves the way for increased development, argues Mike Hannis.
Seeds of Resistance
Ed Hamer explains how EU legislation threatens seed sovereignty.
Swill, Swine Fever and Slaughter
The threat of disease is being used to eliminate backyard farmers. Simon Fairlie reports.
40,000 Cow Megadairy on Indian Gigafarm
The shape of things to come in India?
Livestock’s Shadow Shortened
The FAO retracts its estimate that 18 per cent of global warming comes from livestock.
Peasants, Food Sovereignty and The Landworkers’ Alliance
... defended by Chris Smaje.
Permaculture Looks in the Mirror
Responses to articles in issue 14.
Can Arable be Permacultural?
Federico Filippi does the experiments.
Selling the Silver
The enclosure of UK fisheries by the quota system is analysed by Emma Cardwell.
Securing Land for Farmers
Neil Ravenscroft examines what the UK can learn from Terre de Liens in France.
How Co-ops get Carpet-Bagged
Donal O’Driscoll looks at the weaknesses and strengths of housing co-ops.
The Scandal of Ireby Fell.
Landgrabbers and the Land Registry in cahoots? Gill Barron reports.
Obituaries - Great Writers on Land Issues
Elaine Morgan, Joan Thirsk and Alfred Russel Wallace.
Robert Kett and the Norfolk Rising
Gill Barron uncovers the story of a long-maligned revolutionary.
Building the Green Valley
Re-enacting ancient farming systems is hard slog, finds Gill Barron.
A Deep Green Resistance
Adam Herriot introduces a book that seeks to inspire a movement.
Another Hand-Out to the Gentry
Should change of use from barn to dwelling be permitted development?
One Planet Council
One Planet Developers gird their loins.
View from England
Simon Fairlie considers whether low impact development is easier in Wales or in England.
And a Small Cabin Build There
A court case sends shock waves through the Irish planning system.
Will Fortune’s Case Favour the Brave?
Davis Mooney and Eileen Flanagan on Wicklow CC v Fortune.
Housing Scrapbook
Homelessness is a crime in many US cities. Will that approach spread to Europe/
Fairways and Foul
An unnecessary golf course is rebuffed by an inspired paragraph of case law.
Happy Ending to a Sorry Tale
Hopefully we conclude our 15 year coverage of the Morlands site at Glastonbury.

Hay cart in the farmyard