The Land Issue 13 Winter 2012-13

Land 13 cover web.jpg
An Appetite for Insurrection
Free to be Deluded
The Two-Pronged Fork
Welcome La Via Campesina
Mud and Ashes
GM labelling in the USA; Défense Paysanne; Hastings Road Protest; UK Food Securoty Summit; Good Food March to Brussels; LVT Private Member's Bill; Agricultural Minimum Wage abolished; Hay becomes a Commodity; Licence to Drill.
Green Conservatism
Mike Hannis finds Roger Scruton still regretting the French Revolution.
Enclosure on the Grand Scale
The similarities between landgrabbing and the enclosure of English Commons.
Assault on Peasantry
Food security is the ideological pretext for an attack on food sovereignty.
Why the Rush?
Tania Murray Li explores the discourse behind the land bonanza.
Journey through Sugarland
Fred Pearce’s quest for the bitter truth behind this favourite indulgence.
The Aftermath of an SEZ
Michael Levien documents the impacts of an Indian land grab on a rural economy.
CAP in Hand
Ed Hamer explains how farm subsidies lead to land concentration.
Land and Power in Scotland
Andy Wightman reveals how an ancient scam has survived so long.
Per Ardua Cadastre
Long-suppressed registers of landowners are being dragged back into the light.
What William Wrought.
Paul Kingsnorth uncovers the story of resistance to the Norman landgrab.
The First Green Guerrillas
Paul Kingsnorth reinterprets the Green Men.
Better a Bagger than a Grabber
Squat your own plot and get digging, urges Gill Barron.
Dairy Miles
Simon Fairlie examines the distribution problems of large dairy farms, and the benefits of small ones.
Fertility Farm Revisited
Pioneer livestock farmer Frank Newman Turner’s experiments still excite Graham Harvey.
Wwoof’s Green Shoots
Gill Barron celebrates a new generation of willing workers on the land.
The Return of Farm Service
Simon Fairlie inspects an old farmworkers’ contract, and finds it still good.
ICBINO responses
Feedback on the organic labelling controversy from Tim Deane. The Land replies.
Best Kept for a Few
The new best practice guide for One Planet Development in Wales.
Four Year Rule Under Attack
More problems for people building surreptitious shacks.
All Change for the NPPF
We’re still trying to work out what the National Planning Policy Framework entails.

Hay cart in the farmyard