The Land Issue 11 Winter 2011-12

The Land Issue 11
The Great Bovine TB Cover-up
Cute badgers, sick cows, and unhelpful rules.
Greenest Government Ever?
No prizes for guessing the answer.
Get Real
It’s time the countryside occupied the Stock Exchange.
Wikileaks Exposes GM lobbying; WTO Claims Free Markets Bring Food Security; Fighting Back against Land Grabbing; Profiting from Rising Food Prices; Good News on CAP?; Occupy Everywhere
Another God Delusion?.
Mike Hannis on the pessimism of Mark Lynas.
Open Source Biotech
Can we resist GM if it goes viral? asks Simon Fairlie.
A Sense of Ownership
Robin Maynard puts the case for keeping forests public.
In Woods We Trust
Dave Bangs wonders which side the NGOs are on.
Who Needs It?
Mike Abbott thinks we could do without the Forestry Commission.
Could Try Harder
Mike Gardner speaks up for independent foresters.
The More we are Together
Can subdivision of woodlands lead to their cohesion?
Small Woodland Livings
Getting back to work in the woods.
“Britain’s New Forest Villages”
Accommodation for forest workers, past and present.
Seeing the Forest, not Just the Trees
Trees are not the only vegetation, says Helen Baczkowska.
Tree Fetishism
Think before you plant, cautions Simon Fairlie.
Agroforestry in the UK
Ed Hamer finds that farming under trees can work very nicely.
Wood is Good?
Can it really be carbon neutral to burn wood in power stations, asks Mike Hannis.
Biomass — A Burning Issue
Nick Grant and Alan Clarke on the contradictions of biomass boilers.
Has Biochar Gone too Far?
Gill Barron gives a ground-level perspective on charcoal.
Back to the Trees
Robert Somerville, architect and timber framer, on using what we’ve got.
A Forest Uprising
Gill Barron finds a precedent for rural revolution.
See You on the Streets, Amigos
Gill Barron’s outrage at the Tory’s squattting ban.
Land Registry Privatisation
The new Public Data Corporation will be more corporate than public.
Salad Days
The rise, fall and possible rebirth of the Land Settlement Association.
Tyrannosaurus Regs
Is there life after planning? No, there are building regulations, warns Simon Dale.
Blunt Instruments
How the BREEAM Code for Sustainable Homes discriminates against low impact dwellings.
Working Against Nature
Chapter 7 responds to Nick Grant and Alan Clarke.
One Planet Footprint
Simon Fairlie asks why no one is looking at edge-of-settlement One Planet Developments.
Planning Policy Framework
No one is taken in by the Tory presumption in favour of sustainable development.
Neighbourhood Planning on Exmoor
James Shorten reports on a pilot exercise in “localism”.
New Enforcement Powers
The Localism Act contains some worrying measures.
Development Control
Mostly concerning Mid Devon.

Hay cart in the farmyard