The Land Issue 7 Summer 2009 (Reprint)

One Man's Pirate
is another man’s coastguard. Why Somalis turn to piracy
Unsung Heroes
The never ending struggle against road-building
Clean Conscience Mechanism
STEFFEN BÖHM scrutinizes a carbon offset scheme in Uruguay
A Never Ending Struggle
Land grabs in the forests of Colombia, Peru and Surinam
Land Reform Compromised in Bolivia
EVO MORALES battles agains Bolivia’s fascist legacy
The Last Plantation
What happened to all the Black farmers in the USA?
Letter on Contraction and Convergence
MOLLY SCOTT CATO responds to Oliver Tickell
Ghandi on the Road Again
MADDALLENA CAMMELLI describes the Janadesh walk to Delhi for land reform
A Short History of Enclosure in Britain
How our land was privatized over five centuries, by SIMON FAIRLIE
Sheep Eat Men
SIMON FAIRLIE finds history repeating itself on the Welsh borders
Down With the Fences
MICHAEL BRADLEY recounts how London’s commons were saved by direct action
Literary Responses to the Clearances
Little known writers were more vocal than big names, writes CHARLOTTE FAIRLIE
Will the Real Farm Labourer Please Stand Up?
K D M SNELL on Hardy’s depiction of Dorset labourers
Everyone's Right
LOUKAS CHRITODOULOU examines the history of common right in Sweden
Poachers in the Alps
ROLAND GIRTLER AND GERALD KOHL uncover the culture of the “Wilderer”
Rural Planning Policy to be Axed
Why the ministry wants to get rid of PPS7
Where Next for LID in Wales?
MARK DYSON on the prospects for a low impact policy in Wales
News from West Wales
It is make or break time for the Lammas project, writes PAUL WIMBUSH
Green and Pleasant Land
Lobbyimg for a low impact policy in Dorset
The PEPC Generation
A smallholders’ co-op centred round a packing and processing barn
A Long Road to Nowhere
Why do so many affordable housing groups founder?
Random Concept Clusters
How to write a government consultation paper
Steward Wood and Karuna
Two permaculture appeal decisions with different results
Update from Wealden
Two LID projects in Sussex receive renewal of permission
My Other Home is a Georgian Pile
Rural shoebox deemed to have architectural merit
Reflections of a Dumpster Diver
Tristram Stuart’s new book on food waste
An Idea Whose Time Has Come
The original Low Impact Development is republished

Hay cart in the farmyard