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The Land Issue 12 Summer 2012

Land12 Front Cover Reduced file size.jpg
The Future 'We' Want
The Rothamsted GM Debate
Action on Land Grabs; Farmers on the Streets in Berlin: Occupy the Wilderness; ACTA
I Can't Believe It's Not Organic
A new DIY producers' association is germinating.
Little Black Tractor
Imagining a saner future where it's the chemical-mongers who get labelled...
The ‘O’ Word - Use It Or Lose It
Phil Sumption reports on current affairs in the Organic world.
The Small Farmer Speaks
Lynn Miller calls for an agricultural renaissance, small time.
The Vegetarian Pig
Local waste problems could be solved in your back yard, says Gill Barron
Parkinson’s Law of the Countryside
A classic look at the rural-urban divide. In 32 years, has anything changed?
Return of the Gangmasters
They’ve always been bad news, as Philip Conford and Jeremy Burchardt explain.
Can Britain Farm Itself?
Ed Hamer asks the Big Questions
Beyond Attachment Parenting
Education is more than 9 to 5 school, says Jennifer Stoady.
The Child’s Right to Work
Learning to make a living is important too.
Growing Up Dystechnic
Simon Fairlie explains why a new skills-based curriculum would be handy.
Geography of the Egocentric
The Earth doesn’t revolve around humanity. Simon Fairlie pays his respects.
Hands, Heart, Head
Celebrating a book which puts a spanner in the cerebral works.
A Hammer and a Horse
A traveller discusses the pros and cons of extramural education.
Of Daffodils and Farmers
Teaching young farmers to appreciate poetry is an eye-opener, says Charlotte Fairlie.
Ask a Better Question
Annkatrin Hendry looks at the How and What of school systems.
Playground Robbery
Nigel Gann exposes a Government land-grab.
Offsetting Nature?
Mike Hannis and Sian Sullivan examine the ideas behind DEFRA’s habitat banking scheme.
Reversing Beeching’s Legacy
Daniel Casey asks why all the little railways don’t join up.
Three Yawns for the Olympics
For most people, the Olympics are just not sporting. Gill Barron expostulates.
Lord Golf’s Estates
The Ornamental Hermit on how sport holds the fort for a secret landowner.
The Feedback Loop
Readers respond to ‘The Future of our Forests’
The Legalities of Buying Land
Cathy Ashley explains why solicitors might be useful after all.
Thirty Eight Words
What will the National Policy Planning Framework mean for low impact development?
Appeals and Planning decisions; Squatting update

The Land Issue 11 Winter 2011-12

The Land Issue 11
The Great Bovine TB Cover-up
Cute badgers, sick cows, and unhelpful rules.
Greenest Government Ever?
No prizes for guessing the answer.
Get Real
It’s time the countryside occupied the Stock Exchange.
Wikileaks Exposes GM lobbying; WTO Claims Free Markets Bring Food Security; Fighting Back against Land Grabbing; Profiting from Rising Food Prices; Good News on CAP?; Occupy Everywhere
Another God Delusion?.
Mike Hannis on the pessimism of Mark Lynas.
Open Source Biotech
Can we resist GM if it goes viral? asks Simon Fairlie.
A Sense of Ownership
Robin Maynard puts the case for keeping forests public.
In Woods We Trust
Dave Bangs wonders which side the NGOs are on.
Who Needs It?
Mike Abbott thinks we could do without the Forestry Commission.
Could Try Harder
Mike Gardner speaks up for independent foresters.
The More we are Together
Can subdivision of woodlands lead to their cohesion?
Small Woodland Livings
Getting back to work in the woods.
“Britain’s New Forest Villages”
Accommodation for forest workers, past and present.
Seeing the Forest, not Just the Trees
Trees are not the only vegetation, says Helen Baczkowska.
Tree Fetishism
Think before you plant, cautions Simon Fairlie.
Agroforestry in the UK
Ed Hamer finds that farming under trees can work very nicely.
Wood is Good?
Can it really be carbon neutral to burn wood in power stations, asks Mike Hannis.
Biomass — A Burning Issue
Nick Grant and Alan Clarke on the contradictions of biomass boilers.
Has Biochar Gone too Far?
Gill Barron gives a ground-level perspective on charcoal.
Back to the Trees
Robert Somerville, architect and timber framer, on using what we’ve got.
A Forest Uprising
Gill Barron finds a precedent for rural revolution.
See You on the Streets, Amigos
Gill Barron’s outrage at the Tory’s squattting ban.
Land Registry Privatisation
The new Public Data Corporation will be more corporate than public.
Salad Days
The rise, fall and possible rebirth of the Land Settlement Association.
Tyrannosaurus Regs
Is there life after planning? No, there are building regulations, warns Simon Dale.
Blunt Instruments
How the BREEAM Code for Sustainable Homes discriminates against low impact dwellings.
Working Against Nature
Chapter 7 responds to Nick Grant and Alan Clarke.
One Planet Footprint
Simon Fairlie asks why no one is looking at edge-of-settlement One Planet Developments.
Planning Policy Framework
No one is taken in by the Tory presumption in favour of sustainable development.
Neighbourhood Planning on Exmoor
James Shorten reports on a pilot exercise in “localism”.
New Enforcement Powers
The Localism Act contains some worrying measures.
Development Control
Mostly concerning Mid Devon.

The Land Issue 10 Summer 2011 (Reprint)

Land 10 cover
Special Edition commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Luddite uprisings, and reflecting on current technological controversies.
Thanks George, but No Thanks
Simon Fairlie laments George Monbiot's conversion to nuclear power.
The Inevitable Surplus of Offices
Is turning empty offices into homes a silly idea?
For All who from their Labours Rest
Meet the patron saint of precarious living.
CAP Payments Clear as Mud; Action on GMOs; Reclaim the Fields; Spelman’s Spoutings; Leaked G20 Report; University of East Anglia in a Spin
Mr Lud’s Song
Theo Simon traces the history of the Luddite revolt through its songs.
Fire Brand
As a public relations ploy, Ned Ludd was a brilliant success.
King Ludd in the Countryside
The rural south catches up with the northern uprisings.
Lessons from the Luddites
Kirkpatrick Sale on the contemporary relevance of the Luddite message.
Luddism through the Ages
Episodes from the Technology Resistance Movement.
From Techno to Tao
The Ornamental Hermit’s proposal for a post-materialist Arcadia.
Technology and Equity
Simon Fairlie explains why new agricultural technologies keep people poor.
Technology as if People Mattered
Appropriate is the key word, says Patrick Mulvany.
Four Reasons Why Technology Doesn’t Save Time
It creates as much work as it saves, argues Simon Fairlie.
Synthetic Biology
Jim Thomas describes a new techno threat to the land.
The Luddites and Biopolitics
David King discusses alarming new trends in the life sciences.
In Vitro
A new film explores the downside of techno babies.
Slow Evolution is Co-Evolution
Suggestions for a Luddite Manifesto for the 21st century.
The Material Impact of Cyberspace
Martin Pedersen and Nina Moeller investigate.
Man, Bytes, Dog
In 1984, James Gorman foresaw the coming of the pet home computer.
A Technological Recipe for Making Nature the Friend of Capital
Sian Sullivan explains what’s cooking.
Gandhi on Technology
The world’s most successful Luddite discusses tactics.
Peepli Live
A village tragicomedy brings Indian agriculture to international attention.
The Largest Wave of Suicides in History
P Sainath on the epidemic of farmer suicides in India.
Impressions of the New India
Despite technology, India survives, reports Jyoti Fernandes.
Agricultural Futures
Ed Hamer on commodity speculation and its effects on agriculture.
Feedback on "Meat"
Feedback on Meat Simon Fairlie responds to people commenting on his treatment of carbon farming.
Romanian Reminiscences
Ingrid Glendenning tells it like it used to be.
Chapter Seven’s guide to the great planning upheaval.
War Against the Poor
Scrapping squatting won’t cure the housing crisis, writes Adam Payne.
Look Out for Loppsi
Low impact living is under threat in France, reports Gill Barron.
Gentrifying Brutalism
Mike Hawkins reviews Owen Hatherley’s Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain.
A Thousand Huts in Scotland
Reforesting Scotland launches a resurgence in forest dwellings.
Development control news
Land Matters get five more years

The Land Issue 9 Autumn 2010

The Land Magazine Issue 9
Local Good, Central Bad?
Should we welcome the Tory rhetoric about the local community?
High Speed Follies
Why advocates of roadbuilding have turned their attention to high speed rail
Making Anarchism Respectable
A tribute to Colin Ward, Britain's most persuasive anarchist
Biofuel Power Stations
Farm Subsidies; GM spuds
Guatemala Trade Unionists Murdered; Palestinian Olive Oil
Land and Conflict in Afghanistan
Michael Semple explains the background of land disputes behind the Afghan War
Carbon, the New Cash Crop
Will carbon offsets in farming undermine food security? asks Helena Paul
True Blue in the Countryside
Ed Hamer talks to Jim Paice, the new Tory minister for food and farming
Investigating England's Armpit
The Ornamental Hermit charts the landowners of the North West
Which Land Search
Cathy Ashley provides some tips on how the use the land registry
Is Urbanization a Temporary Phenomenon
Simon Fairlie wonders what is the point of cities
An Untutored Townsman's Invasion of the Countryside
Paul Kingsnorth moves out of town
Dumbo Meets the Hunt
Roger Scruton's accidental initiation into country sport
Superior Pedigree
An episode in the history of the British pony
No Place for the Young
Ed Hamer meets engineers of the rural exodus
"Not Our Core Business"
The Tories launch a renewed assault upon Somerset's county farms
Peak Phosphorus: A Crisis of Urbanization
Is ruralization or technofix the answer to the P problem? ask Simon Fairlie
Rethinking Reed Beds and WET Water Systems
Low-tech and local solutions for phosphate accumulation
REVIEW: Commonwealth
by Martin Large
REVIEW: Haytime in the Yorkshire Dales
edited by Don Gamble and Tanya St Pierre
REVIEW: Meat: A Benign Extravagance
by Simon Fairlie
Sid Rawle
Letter to the editor
Peter Melchett of the Soil Association responds to the articles on soil carbon in The Land Issue 8
What is Development?
Mike Hannis asks whether development has always involved separating people from the land
Open Source Planning
What will come of the Tory's radical proposals to reform the English planning system
Wales Adopts Low Impact Development
One Planet Development is now enshrined in Welsh planning policies
TAN 6: A Model for England to Follow
The new Welsh rural planning guidance is quite sensible

The Land Issue 8 Winter 2009

front cover 8
Who Knows Who Owns Britain?
Why is it so hard to find out who owns land in the UK?
Arse About Face
The European system for regulating organic and “conventional” farming has perverse consequences.
Peasants at Copenhagen
Ed Hamer reflects on the recent climate summit.
The Myth of Resource Efficiency
Mike Hannis on a new book that examines the Jevons Paradox.
FAO Backtrack on Livestock
The FAO is withdrawing from its anti-peasant stance of three years ago
Carbon Colonialism and the Mathematics of Methane
Simon Fairlie dissects hysteria about methane and livestock.
Ghost Carbon
Can organic farming capture more carbon in the soil than chemical farming?
Reclaim the Fields
As farmers get older and fewer, a new generation of European peasants is demanding access to land.
Big Country, Small Farms
Rebecca Laughton visits some mad US farmers.
Tomatoes All Year Round
The UK imports them from Morocco, but are there alternatives?
The Plough and The Spade
Christina Ballinger asks how the drive for allotments will affect local commercial growers.
New Allotments — Where Will They Go?
Will it be in a place which is convenient for consumers and growers
Land Value Taxation — Panacea or Placebo
Alanna Hartzok tackles questions about the wisdom of taxing land.
Keeping Occupied
Keith Hallack describes his life in a squat on a condemned East London estate.
Insurrection in the Hills
Ed Hamer reports on a revolt against the demolition of a bungalow in Exmoor National Park.
Keep Our Downs Public
We must stop our councils from selling off our most treasured spaces, says Dave Bangs.
Its Only Bondage was the Circling Sky
John Felstiner on poet John Clare whose parish was enclosed when he was 16.
Two Books
Patrick Whitefield on reading the landscape and Adrian Bell on the people who work in it.
When Will the Alpaca Bubble Burst?
If planning policy doesn’t change it could go on for ever, reckons Simon Fairlie.
Meadow End
Pat Kinnersley witnesses the demise of a bungalow.
Ground Control
Anna Minton on Hans Monderman, the traffic consultant who spoke out against guard rails
Planet Development
Chapter 7’s response
Lammas Springs into Life
Five months after getting permission, several families are already installed.
How Solid Is the Inspectorate?
A reader challenges Simon Fairlie’s view that it is a rock of sanity”.
Another successful LID appeal in Pembrokeshire, and others.

The Land Issue 7 Summer 2009 (Reprint)

One Man's Pirate
is another man’s coastguard. Why Somalis turn to piracy
Unsung Heroes
The never ending struggle against road-building
Clean Conscience Mechanism
STEFFEN BÖHM scrutinizes a carbon offset scheme in Uruguay
A Never Ending Struggle
Land grabs in the forests of Colombia, Peru and Surinam
Land Reform Compromised in Bolivia
EVO MORALES battles agains Bolivia’s fascist legacy
The Last Plantation
What happened to all the Black farmers in the USA?
Letter on Contraction and Convergence
MOLLY SCOTT CATO responds to Oliver Tickell
Ghandi on the Road Again
MADDALLENA CAMMELLI describes the Janadesh walk to Delhi for land reform
A Short History of Enclosure in Britain
How our land was privatized over five centuries, by SIMON FAIRLIE
Sheep Eat Men
SIMON FAIRLIE finds history repeating itself on the Welsh borders
Down With the Fences
MICHAEL BRADLEY recounts how London’s commons were saved by direct action
Literary Responses to the Clearances
Little known writers were more vocal than big names, writes CHARLOTTE FAIRLIE
Will the Real Farm Labourer Please Stand Up?
K D M SNELL on Hardy’s depiction of Dorset labourers
Everyone's Right
LOUKAS CHRITODOULOU examines the history of common right in Sweden
Poachers in the Alps
ROLAND GIRTLER AND GERALD KOHL uncover the culture of the “Wilderer”
Rural Planning Policy to be Axed
Why the ministry wants to get rid of PPS7
Where Next for LID in Wales?
MARK DYSON on the prospects for a low impact policy in Wales
News from West Wales
It is make or break time for the Lammas project, writes PAUL WIMBUSH
Green and Pleasant Land
Lobbyimg for a low impact policy in Dorset
The PEPC Generation
A smallholders’ co-op centred round a packing and processing barn
A Long Road to Nowhere
Why do so many affordable housing groups founder?
Random Concept Clusters
How to write a government consultation paper
Steward Wood and Karuna
Two permaculture appeal decisions with different results
Update from Wealden
Two LID projects in Sussex receive renewal of permission
My Other Home is a Georgian Pile
Rural shoebox deemed to have architectural merit
Reflections of a Dumpster Diver
Tristram Stuart’s new book on food waste
An Idea Whose Time Has Come
The original Low Impact Development is republished

The Land Issue 6 Winter 2008 (Reprint)

Three Cheers for the Recession
It’s what advocates of a zero growth economy have been waiting for
Posture Politics and Colonial Fallout in Zimbabwe
Mark Brown assesses Robert Mugabe’s reputation and legacy
Life After Land Reform
Ian Scoones examines the effects of redistribution of land in one area of Zimbabwe
Reconstructing Serbia
Isabelle Fremeaux and John Jordan visit occupied factories in Serbia
Before It’s Lost
A sketch of rural Serbia, by Rob MacCurrach
International Land Struggles
Syngenta in Brazil, Chinese in Africa, divisions among exiled Tibetans etc
An Ecosystem at Your Service
Sian Sullivan explains the thinking behind "ecosystem services"
Managing Atmospheric Commons
Oliver Tickell compares different schemes for allocating carbon emissions
Over Our Heads
Who owns the weather, asks Sophie Andrews, and what are they doing with it?
Land Reform for the Sea
Alastair McIntosh and David Thomson speak up for small scale fisheries
The Fat of the Land
Sanderine Nonhebel’s work on the veg-oil/meat nexus is explored by Simon Fairlie
Slow Evolution is Co-Evolution
The second half of Edward Lloyd’s essay on transhumanism.
Parkinson’s Disease
Simon Fairlie finds Parkinson’s Law popping up all over the place
After the Crash
Rebecca Laughton rediscovers John Seymour’s novel about rural life after oil
Farmers of Forty Centuries
Ian Cook reviews FH King’s clssic work on SE Asian farming methods
Many Logs to Make a Blaze
Alastair McIntosh on the significance of kindling wood
Fair Trade Housing
The Office of Fair Trading’s new report on housing is enthusiastic about self-build
Could Be Cheaper?
We compare some affordable housing projects
Urban Dentistry
Gaps in the city skyline
LID: Getting the Policy Right
Part of Chapter 7’s submission to the Welsh affordable housing consultation
Wise and Smart
Shelter Publications’ new book on Pacific Coast Building
A Touch of Class
A wee book on benders by Laugh
The Book of Benders
Preview of an as yet unwritten work
Hard Times
Why the recession should improve planners’ performance
Appeal and Planning Decisions
Babergh, Lammas, Brithdir Mawr etc; and the worst appeal decision ever?
Two Cowboys and a White Knight
Vindictive behaviour by Mid Devon DC

The Land Issue 5 Summer 2008 (Reprint)

Basic Banalities
Who is responsible for blanding England?
New Wine in Old Green Bottles
Will recycling the New Towns concept make them greener?
And Now for Something Completely the Same
Jim Paton dusts off some archives.
Return to Mother India
Jyoti Fernandes finds that the Gandhian movement in India is down, but not out.
The Transhuman Agenda
Edward Lloyd reminds us what lies at the end of the techno-capitalist project.
Stockfree Britain
Jennie Hall describes how a vegan countryside might be structured.
Corrections and Feedback to "Can Britain Feed Itself"
Default Livestock Farming
How meat and livestock can fit into a sustainable farming weigh carbon emission savings.
The Plight of the Pig in the Nanny State
Despite the swill ban, the cottagers pig will return reckons Simon Fairlie
The Kiss of DEFRA
The vet posse swoop on a tactless pig-keeper
The Rehabilitation of Manual Labour
Simon Fairlie examines the prejudice against physical work
Energy, Equity and the Bicycle
Excerpts from Ivan Illich's treatise on transport.
Kicking the Pink Diesel Habit
Rebecca Laughton on farming with muscle power.
The Nature of Manual Skill
There’s more to it than some might think, says Simon Fairlie.
Small Farmers’ Journal
By any standards a fine magazine
The Cuban Ox Revival
Roberto Sanchez Medina on the use of animal power during Cuba’s “special period”
Polish Horsepower, Peasants and Politics
Horsepower is viable for many Polish farmers, says Julian Rose
Horse Carts Banned in Romania
Julian Ross calls for the repeal of a dismally short-sighted law
The Two Cultures Behind Government Energy Policy
Two documents, two contrasting policies
The Planning Bill
The continuing story of the neo-liberal bid to undermine the public inquiry system
Boulot, Dodo but No Metro
A glance at government and developers approaches to live/work
Skewed Towards Demolition
Will the drive for zero-carbon buildings increase the destruction of old ones?
We Can’t Build Our Way Out
Andrew George MP has interesting proposals for solving the affordable housing crisis
Yesterday’s Tomorrow
Stephen E Hunt compares the proposed Barratt’s ecovilage with the Garden City suburbs
Transitional Therapy
Sophie Andrews has mixed reactions to the Transition Handbook
Up and Running Again
Jyoti Fernandes and Sophie Andrews watch two communities re-invent themselves
English Planning Disease Spreads to France
The French start to crack down on yurts and shacks
A Place in the Country
Where "open countryside" is a 24 acre fast-food factory
An Exemplary Appeal Decision
Smallholders and Group Projects
Selected decisions

The Land Issue 4 Winter 2007 (Reprinted)

The Rising Cost of Housing . . . and of Land
A Letter
from Kevin Cahill author of Who Owns the World
Papers for Paupers
Robert Home and Hilary Lim assess whether land-titling will lift squatters and settlers from poverty
Why Poor People are Evicted
A swift round-the-world survey
The Ministry of Housing Crisis
The French respond to rising house prices in the spirit of 1968
Has Anyone Seen My Planet?
asks Geonomist
The FAO’s Long Shadow
The claim that livestock cause 18% of global warming is exaggerated, says Simon Fairlie
Out of the Frying Pan
A Nobel prize-winner claims that N2O emissions from biofuel outweigh carbon emission savings
A View from the South
Some observations from Third World Resurgence on the spread of biofuels
Can Britain Feed Itself?
And can we feed ourselves with organic agriculture?. Simon Fairlie investigates
Can Organic Agriculture Feed the World?
What direction should the organic movement take if it can’t?
Cashing in on Organics
Christina Ballinger examines whether the organic boom is benefiting small farmers
Grumbles from the Grassroots
Jyoti Fernandes raises questions about organic certification: Francis Blake responds
The Richness of Nature
Dave Bangs visits a rewilded farm which doubles up as a playground for the wealthy.
Imperial Takeover
Mark Brown, Rebecca Laughton and Sean Furey explain how Wye College was asset-stripped.
The Scandal of Agricultural Tied Dwellings
Why is this loophole for speculators allowed to continue?
Write Your Own Low Impact Policy
Chapter 7’s submission to W Dorset local development framework.
A Home for LID in Wales
Is there a place for low impact policies in Welsh planning guidance? asks Mark Dyson
The Car and the Countryside
James Shorten on why rural living is regarded as unsustainable.
Mr Urbs and Mr Rus
Which is more sustainable, the town or the country? It depends who you are and what you want.
Two Cheers for Sherford
Tim Gorringe thinks planners have got some things right with a new town near Plymouth
Affordable Housing Policy Relaxed
Are there changes in the rural exception site policy?
Small is Visionary
The German planning system favours green self-builders, report Brian and Sibylle Rushbridge
Three examples of the planning system victimizing aging smallholders; Sustainability Brings Victory for Keveral Farm and Land Matters;Five woodland homes deemed to conform to the “Country House Policy”; Whither Policy 52? Three applications have been made under Pembs Low Impact Policy, and three have been refused.
Book Reviews
How to Live Off Grid by Nick Rosen, reviewed by Tony Wrench; Ecovillage: New Frontiers for Sustainability by Jonathan Dawson, reviewed by Molly Scott Cato; Natural Building by Tom Woolley

The Land 3 Spring 2007

Land 3 cover.jpg
Rioting for Austerity
No false messiahs, thank-you, but a voice crying in the wilderness might be helpful.
Very Angry Potatoes
If GM is spreading all around the world, all the more reason for keeping the UK GM free.
The Barker Review of Planning
The Treasury economist carries on gnawing away at democracy.
The Right-wing Campaign against the Planning System
The Land Is Ours distances itself from neo-liberals.
Nice Facts, Pity about the Ideas
Review of Kevin Cahill’s Who Owns the World.
Apocalypse Soon?
A review of the latest books from James Lovelock and George Monbiot.
Power Cut
Predictions of panic when the lights go out.
Anarchy in New York
HV Morton’s classic article on the New York black-out.
Taking to the hills; and on-farm bio-fuel production.
The Future of the Intercity Coach
Alan Storkey explains how coaches could be made quick, efficient and comfy.
Pirate's Paradise
Larry Law’s account of a pirate’s republic in Madagascar.
The Rise and Fall of Ruskin Commonwealth
John Egerton tells the story of a 19th century Utopian fiasco.
Chartist Land Colonies
Chris Coates explains the failure of Feargus O’Connor’s ambitious land settlement scheme.
Tony Gosling uncovers plans for a 1990s eco-settlement.
La Borie Noble
Rebecca Laughton visits a fifty-year-old community in France.
Jenny Pickerell and Larch Maxey outline the careful preparations for a new settlement in S Wales.
Urban Clearance
Different approaches to “regenerating” terraced housing in Liverpool and Salford
Housing Monitor
REITS; EDMOs; and Titnore Woods.
Land Access
Fordhall Farm; Register of Surplus Land.
How to influence your Local Plan
Lucy Nichol explains the new development plans and how to have input.
Planning policies for super-sustainability, proposed by the Cohousing Network.
The new government policy for housing promotes greenfield development by the back door.
Rural Baron builds Industrial Estate
Former CLA President Ewen Cameron benefits from CLA-inspired policies.
How I became a Travelling Planner
Simon Ruston, caravan dweller, describes his education in planning.
Not fit for Website Forum
The ministry refused to accept this submission from Tony Thompson on traveller site design.
Climate Change Planning Statement
Tough on buildings but ignores traffic.
Holiday Home Sophistry
New model conditions rule that holiday caravans are only for people with another home.
Hermit’s Corner; John van Loggerenberg on shacks;Argyll planners want to evict at least 20 families, and turn local residences into holiday homes; batty arguments about a reader’s barn.

Hay cart in the farmyard